Mulch Forever

We got an entire dump truck load of mulch (10 yards!) delivered over the weekend, and it has been a nonstop party ever since. Why yes, this does look different than when we bought the place. Partially because of the lack of...

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Hello…Is This Thing On?

Hi, friends! I took a little break from blogging since things have been a little busy around here. I traveled to India for work in January and then Kenny and I jetted off to Australia for a few weeks in February for...

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BRB Gone to India

I just got back from a week and a half in India with some coworkers to a) sightsee and b) work at our organization’s office in Chennai. It was swell. I missed Ken (of course) but this was what you’d call a...

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Merry Mantle

We decorated for Christmas! Groundbreaking, I know. I went with a neutral “theme” on our mantle and spent a total of $0 on it this season. Everything we already had–either thrifted or DIYed in past years...

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