Another Very Exciting Post About Lighting

Remember when I said something along the lines of “the next post should be really exciting?” Yeah. This will be exciting (to me, and maybe mom). However, it may not be […]


Master Bedroom: Ready for Drywall

It’s a little ridiculous how much time and work went in to getting the room to this point…but that’s DIY remodeling, amIright? We’re ready for drywall, finally. And–we are hiring […]


Master Bedroom Electrical Work (which will probably be as boring as it sounds despite my valiant efforts)

In our last episode of “Kenny and Annie Take On a Ridiculous Project and Attempt to Survive and Not Get a Divorce,” we had finally finished demo and started framing. […]


Edinburgh, May 2015

The next stop on our UK/Ireland vacation back in May was Edinburgh, Scotland. Can I just say WOW?! This city blew us away and we can’t wait to get back. […]


Finally Framing the Master Bedroom Closet

In my last master bedroom makeover post, I left you with the cliffhanger of finally seeing daylight between the two walls we were taking down. That sliver of daylight turned […]

Dream House

Vintage Seascape Gallery Wall

We have this empty (mostly) wall in our kitchen that’s been bothering me since day 1. It’s a large wall, and we thought our giant clock would fill it up […]


York, May 2015

The next stop on our quick UK/Ireland vacation in May was York in England! We rode the train up from London and got here late at night so we hopped […]


Master Bedroom: Demo Daze

We are finally remodeling our master bedroom! And it involves significant demo. So this post is going to be pretty picture heavy…but feel free to leave a comment if you […]


The Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

I have been guilty of “leaving you hanging” in the worst way, and I apologize. Or maybe, you didn’t notice, and I should have just kept my mouth shut…oops. I’ll […]


36 Hours in London: The Beginning of Our Epic Vacation

Back in May, we crossed the Atlantic and spent 10 splendid days in the UK and Ireland. And since I’m exceedingly narcissistic and love spending time reading old posts on […]

Dream House

Backyard Resort (new outdoor sectional + rug + possibilities)

This post has been a long time coming, so here’s some history to get you up to speed. When we first got married, we lived in the cheapest apartment we […]


We’ve Moved!…

…into a new bedroom, aka what used to be known as the craft room. Our bed BARELY fits in here, and we had to cull the rest of the furniture […]

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