Everything You Need to Know About Anne

Well shoot, where to start? I’m Anne with an E, like Anne of Green Gables who astutely noted, “But if you’re going to call me Anne, would you please be sure to spell it with an ‘e’?…Print out A-N-N, it looks absolutely dreadful, but Anne with an ‘e’ is quite distinguished.”

OH BUMMER. I cannot possibly be considered distinguished. I’m not the most eloquent of writers, my pictures are mediocre at best, and my life is pretty run-of-the-mill. If that doesn’t scare you away from reading this blog, more power to you! Welcome.

Kenny and I got married in August 2012 and moved into a 670 square foot apartment while Kenny finished law school and we saved for a house. (Philosophy while apartment hunting? Find the cheapest apartment we could stand.) Our tiny apartment worked out well for us, and we saved up about a billion dollars and spent it all on this house in March 2014.

Here are some of my favorite posts that might help you get a better idea of who I am (since you’re so interested):

For a glimpse of my typical day-to-day activities, check out The Anatomy of a Thursday Night (in which I make the case for a cat).

For an explanation as to why I am still here and not in Narnia, check out The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (in which I, against my better judgement, act professionally).

For the reason why I am not a food blogger, check out Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (in which I narrowly avoid a career change).

For some reassurance that I will never actually be fashionable, check out Sweater-arm Boot Socks (in which I contort myself into a pretzel to take pictures of my own legs).

And if you want to be even more stalker-like, you can follow me on Facebook here (at least click over to see the nice page I created…#begging), Instagram here, Pinterest here, and on Twitter here. Or, what the heck, email me at annie.bronkema @ gmail.com.

You could also just leave me a comment because, duh, this is a blog.

Anne and Kenny

Photo credit: Abbey Moore Photography.


  • I’m Linda with an “a” — otherwise I’d just be Lind and that’s just stupid — but you and your blog have amused me so much this afternoon. In fact, you are my official time waster and distract-or from writing fascinating pitch letters about health insurance … and making pillows for my Etsy shop … and picking up my daughter from school … uh oh …

    Sorry for the stalking but I really enjoy your voice and writing style.

    :) Linda (with an “a”)

  • Anne with an e I LOVE your blog! You are a great writer and I actually found you through our common bond over young house love :) My husband and I just started a blog last month so I’m new to the blogging world but loving it so far! Will definitely bookmark you page and be visiting often! our blog is numbersandnails.wordpress.com

  • I too am Anne With An E, but also with a second half that is Marie. And I go by Annie, except by some friends who have abbreviated my nickname to Ann’, which is entirely different than Ann, and that seems okay, as it is a truncated Annie , and despite its three little letters I like it but I dread and hate when people simply spell my name “Ann” or “Ann Marie.” So not sure how that all works out. In the wash.

    Love the blog! :)

  • I stumbled on your blog by clicking on a comment you made on Young House Love and then I spent the next hour reading every single post. (Okay maybe not every single one, but too many to count!) You are so funny!! I love your blog and how real your posts are! I am adding it to my Bloglovin’ feed immediately!

  • Move me on over to official stalker status. Hubby and I were talking on the back deck enjoying a beautiful spring evening until I found your blog. I realized about 30 minutes later that hubby had gone inside. Oops. Maybe I should apologize for ignoring him? Nah…he’s used to that when get enthralled about something I am reading.

    I will be back! Trust me, I don’t give up stalking without a fight.

    Love your writing and your humor!

    Alicia – with an A on each end!

  • You are adorable and brave and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this morning! I am a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, so you had me hooked at paragraph one. We named our daughter Annie. We are always doing remodeling projects. I’m considering the stair railing at the moment; this is how I stumbled across your blog. I gave a feeling this won’t be there last time.

  • Just found your blog through Pinterest — so glad I clicked on “Read It” :)

    My name ends in -anne, and oh, how much time I have to spend spelling it and pronouncing it, that I have adopted a nick name (actually it was given to me in my youth by my mom’s friend). It’s just Ad (pronounced A-D, sigh, here we go again…). Anyway, thoroughly enjoying your blog! I had been searching for another blog to read obsessively and then I found you!

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