I have the best life!

This is a phrase I say to Kenny quite frequently these days, and there are many things contributing to it:

1. The obvious: grace.

2. I won a T-shirt this morning from Coke. Unfortunately, they never ask what size you want, so that means I’ll get a L or XL… So I guess Kenny won a T-shirt this morning!

3. A promotion at work. I now get business cards!

4. 70 degree weather in March. I feel like we skipped winter, and I keep looking behind my back to see if it is in fact sneaking up behind me to get me.

5. Wedding project success. Tune in August 11 to hear more. :)

6. A dormant kidney stone.

7. My half birthday, which falls on Pi Day.

8. More obvious: Ken. My family. Kenny’s family.

9. My grandma, who goes above and beyond what I ask and has procured homemade Spanish doilies (and Mariachi music…haha) for the wedding.


And even if none of these things happened or existed, there would still be number 1: grace. What a great life we have.(I like him.)

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