Wedding Present Preview

This weekend was filled with awesome things. Jam-packed, if you will–free Whitecaps tickets, s’mores, premarital counseling, bed-finishing, a bridal shower (for me), a bachelorette party (for Kel), s’mores, Geneva-church, Panera for lunch, lunch again with my fam, dinner with Kenny’s fam, and more s’mores.

I was so sad when this weekend was over.

But I’d like to give you a sneak peek of one of my favorite wedding gifts. It didn’t come off our registries… my father created it himself. :)

I (rashly) said we’d finish it if he’d build it, so that’s what Kenny and I have been spending a bunch of our weekends on for a while. BUT. It turned out SO COOL.

I don’t have pics yet of the finished project, but this is what we looked like as we were painting the bed.

(These are the sideboards, with a ledge and dowels–see far left board–to attach slats to hold up the mattress.)


The order of finishes went like this:

1 coat primer

2-3 coats paint

1 fairly intense glazing process

2 coats polycrylic

Everything took a while because we sanded between every coat and had to space things out over about 7 weekends. And whenever we’d come back, there would be a fresh layer of sawdust on our most recent coat because the bed resided in the workshop that gets used frequently.

Here’s the plan that I gave my father–Ana White’s Farmhouse Bed:

He looked at the plan, but didn’t actually use it. Our bed is oh-so-much better. I’ll post final pictures in the next few weeks. Or later… I sometimes fail at blogging. :)


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