Framed Hanging Card (in which I compose and share a completely useless tutorial)

This tutorial really has no reason to exist (it literally is that simple), but I love the way it turned out, so you get to hear me blather on about it for a whole post. Lucky you!

This “project” (undeserving of that term) began from a little “if you give a mouse a cookie” situation–namely, “if you give Anne some paint she will change everything in the whole apartment.”

I painted this clock with some minty green paint and LOVED how it turned out, so I then began painting everything close to me. Ken barely escaped. This frame was one victim (it used to be a bright yellow but bright yellow is so last week).

Hang a card in a frame.

I gathered the rest of my supplies and got to work. I had gotten this SUPER SWEET card for free from a card site online, and it was one of those things that when I got it, I realized I loved it altogether too much to give away. The colors–mint and coral and pale yellow–were so perfect for the frame that I knew what I had to do.

I had to break out the power tools. (I’m not sure if a staple gun qualifies as a “power tool” because it doesn’t actually use electricity or battery power, but I feel powerful when using it, so there.)

I stapled down a little piece of rope-like string to the frame, anchoring it with a knot.

Staple a string in a frame.

Then I hung the card over my little clothesline I’d created. Warning: this part is HARD. Be careful.

Hang a card in a frame.

But as you can see, the card kind of splayed out. Not very far; that’s about how far I can do the splits, but far enough where it bothered me.

So I used poster putty to adhere the card front to the card back. And took the most unnecessary picture ever.

Hang a card in a frame.

You just wait. I’ve already hung this in our new and improved gallery wall and am plotting that blog post as we speak.

Tune in next time.



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