Friday Flashback: Quilts (in which I write about winter stuff in the heat of July)

This qualifies as a flashback post because this picture was taken, oh, around October. You know how I know? There are pumpkins in our apartment, and that hasn’t happened in…a while. Also. That terrarium has been dead for months and we’ve since framed that map and stained the coffee table darker.

Anyway. These quilts? Were made by my grandma. The top one was a graduation gift (twin-sized) and the bottom one was our wedding gift (queen-sized). Each one is an incredible work of art that perhaps I’ll show you someday, if you behave. She intricately pieces the top using her crazy sewing machine but she hadquilts the top, batting, and bottom together WHICH TAKES MONTHS.

We are so blessed to have these magnificent quilts, but more than that, we’re so blessed by our grandparents–all of them! I grew up across the street from one set of grandparents and the other set have taken to full-time RVing and camp out in my parents’ backyard sometimes. Kenny’s grandparents are pretty swell too. It’s the best.


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