August 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which I lament the summer’s end and embrace the start of autumn)

It’s funny how, every August, I feel a little panicky and sad that summer’s almost done, but by September, I’m like “YES!!!!!!! Fall is HERE!!!” It happens every year, without fail. Perhaps it helps that my birthday is in mid-September (woohoo!).

Anyway, before we get too far into fall, let’s look back on what happened in August. It was a fantastic finish to summer with epic building projects and buggy camping trips and everything in between. Here’s what happened:

Personal/just for fun:

Fabulous Finds and Freebies (in which I horrify my husband by taking in other people’s cast-offs)


Crafts/Home Decor:

On Using Oil Paints (in which I create a fancy interactive blog post to ask for help)

How Not to Paint Laminate Furniture (in which I learn a valuable lesson about not taking shortcuts)

Dramatic Traditional House Tour (in which I find the perfect kitchen in an awesome house)

Gray Shabby Chic End Table (in which I make Ken an accomplice by driving the getaway car)

Transformed Thrift Store Artwork (in which painted velvet is actually a good thing)

thrift store oil painting


The Big Project: Farm Apartment (in which we make plans to raise the roof…literally)

Farm Apartment: First Things First (in which we remove the roof in order to raise the roof)

Farm Apartment: Laying the Deck (in which I wield a nail gun like a boss)

Farm Apartment: Framing Exterior Walls (in which Kenny and I invent our own form of marriage counseling)

Barn collage

Oh, and before I forget–there’s a lively discussion over a questionable lamp happening on the Planting Sequoias’ Facebook page, so if you haven’t “liked” it yet, do so. You’re going to have an opinion on said lamp, I’m sure of it. ;)

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