Festive Fall Roundup (in which I convince you that the end of summer is actually a good thing)

It was literally 94 degrees here in Grand Rapids yesterday. Nothing says fall more than sweating buckets and cranking up the air conditioning, right?

So, in order to make it feel more like autumn, here’s a festive roundup of fall activities you could (and should) do tp get you in the mood.

1. Make your leg temperature match that of a furnace. Also known as: make boot socks out of sweater sleeves. Then, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can try to take a picture of yourself wearing said boot socks. Spoiler alert: it’s harder than you’d think.


2. Make  deceptively healthy cheesy casserole dishes. Using squash. It’s a weird idea; I know, but just do it. Fall means comfort food…baggy sweaters aren’t in style for nothing.

3. Add pumpkin to everything (for example, pumpkin chocolate chip bread). If you don’t and you’re American, you’ll probably shunned, and you do not want that to happen. So just grin and bear it. Plus side: pumpkin is delicious, and pairs well with chocolate. Note: Pictures of pumpkin puree are completely unattractive.

4. Recycle, and/or use up leftover craft supplies. See: the sweater sacrificed for the boot socks above. Sweaters are cozy and fall-like, and they can be made into pillows. Done and done.

5. Last but not least, begin new traditions and try new things. This fall, my thing is going to be baking bread. So, hit me with your best bread recipe! On Sunday I made my first two loaves of the season–some delish French bread. What should I make next? (Ken and I and my body obviously love this new tradition).

What are you doing to celebrate the season? Hurry and jam it in while you can, because Christmas is right around the corner!


  • You need to look up Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day! Even though I can’t eat the wheat, I’ve been using their basic recipe for bread and pizza crusts for years. Everyone gobbles up the loaves.

    And it’s really, really easy. And cheap. And has only 4 ingredients in the dough!

  • Jessie is right! I use several of the recipes from that book (saw it reviewed in the newspaper, checked it out at the library). They all make impressive loaves and it’s QUICK.

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