$70 Dining Chair Upgrade (in which I skip the thrift and buy new and shock my blog audience entirely)

I’ll give you a second because you probably just spit coffee all over your computer after reading that post title.

I know, you’re like, whose blog am I reading again??? It is well known around these parts that two of my VERY FAVORITE THINGS are 1) thrift stores, and 2) saving money.

Which is why this story may seem a little strange. Let’s begin.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I lovelovelove tufted furniture. SO MUCH.

However, the only kind of tufted furniture you can find at the thrift store is usually covered in floral patterns (think mauve and navy and hunter green) OR are super antique-y and are covered in authentic horsehair.

Neither of those types of tufted furniture are welcome in our home.

Anyway, last week Ken and I strolled through the World Market. (It is Kenny’s favorite store.) We had a 10% of coupon, and their dining furniture was (up to) 50% off.

And we found something we loved.

So we went home, emptyhanded, and I immediately listed our old dining room chairs on Craiglist. Impulse purchases are not really my thing, but I had a plan.

dining room chairs

Wednesday, I sold them. For $150 in cold, hard cash. (Ken and I purchased the table and chair set off CL about 2 years ago for $100, so we made a nice profit AND got to keep the table).

No chairs meant that we were eating a lot more meals in front of the TV, and that needed to change.

So back we went to the WM, where we picked up these beauties.

world market dining chairs

(And then we went home and assembled them for a few hours…)

Let’s break it down.

Each chair was on sale for $80 (regularly $130).

We had a 10% off coupon and spent $305.

BUT we’d just sold our old chairs (for $150) and this free headboard (for $85) so you can go ahead and subtract $235 from that number.

Which means that this dining room upgrade cost us $70, or $17.50 for chairs I LOVE .

Needless to say, I am thrilled. I will be less than thrilled when Ken or I drip spaghetti sauce all over the nice upholstery, but even then, we didn’t pay much for these. Hooray! Besides, with kids, these chairs would be IMPOSSIBLE to maintain. So now, in our childless state, we can afford to take these risks.

Anyone else make any sweet upgrades recently? Spill.


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