Farm Apartment: Trusses (in which I overwhelm you with pictures of wood and machinery)

The farm apartment is looking more and more barn-like every day! Especially with the recent addition of the trusses!

Much to my chagrin, I could not be present for this magnificent event (something about an office job?). Booo.

So, when I asked my mother for 3 or 4 pictures of the event, she interpreted that to mean 9. Which is why this post is a little picture heavy. Enjoy!


Did I mention that a CRANE was involved? That just adds insult to injury that I had to sit in a cubicle while this was occurring. IMG_4342

My dad perched on one end of the barn and Grandpa perched on the other end. Somehow they convinced a friend to help out and balance in the middle.


The crane lifted the trusses up and lowered them down onto the walls. Dad and Grandpa would grab onto them and guide each truss into its exact spot and nail it in.


Since this barn roof is a gambrel roof with four flat areas, the trusses were only fabricated for the top two angles of the roof. We built the steeper angles of the roof along the sides of the exterior walls.







Here’s a picture of Grandpa! And–the trusses are up! Next: putting plywood on the roof. Fun fun!

If you want to catch up, here are the other posts on this project: we schemed and planneddemolished the old rooflaid the deck (also known as the floor), framed the exterior walls, and built the side angles of the gambrel roof. Never a dull moment around here, really. Unless you get stuck working in a cubicle once in a while. ;)

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