Touched-Up Vintage Oil Painting (in which I work some real-life photoshop magic)

Last week, I found a super oil painting at the thrift store. It was $5 and slightly awesome. Sort of awesome. Well, let’s just say that it had the potential for being awesome. Kind of like me.

I knew I could work with it, so home it came.

original painting

It’s nicely sized (18″ x 24″) which I love, but it had a lot of brownish-orange hues going on that I didn’t love.

So I got out my oil paints and began to fix this painting.


I started by switching up the seasons. Before, the painting clearly depicted autumnHowever, I’m more of a fan of spring/summer, so I added some green leaves right over the old brown leaves. I just dabbed the brush all over the colors I didn’t like and it took about 5 minutes max. (I moved quickly since I had a softball doubleheader to get to. More on that later).


I also covered up a lot of the brown and orange brush at the base of the trees and called it good because a) it looked fine to me, and b) gametime was quickly approaching.

Here’s where I ended up.

repainted oil painting

I went to the softball game with green paint all over my hands, but no one noticed. Either that or they were too nice to say anything.

Here’s a nice before/after image so you don’t have to scroll up. I aim to please here.before after oil painting touch upOh, I should note that I don’t think that this painting was worth anything. It is unsigned and is painted on a flat canvas. And even if it was worth anything before I defaced it, I like it better now anyway. And I’m no stranger to painting over other people’s paintings or redoing thrift store artwork… See exhibit A (where I painted over fairy princesses) and exhibit B (where I flipped over some gross thrift store artwork and painted the back).

Sadly, we lost both of our softball games and I took a line drive to the shin and have a lovely bruise to prove it. However, it was great fun nonetheless.

Oh, and the painting is currently living in our bedroom, but I’m not sure where it’ll end up. I’m keeping my eyes open for a nice chunky ornate frame that will fit it, but it looks pretty good unframed as well.

Anyone else breaking out a paintbrush to make something more your style?

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