Barn Door Potential (in which Mom and I try to redeem something that may not be redeemable)

So, you know how we’re renovating a barn, right? Well, it’s pretty fun.

One perk of barn remodeling is, of course, the BARN DOOR.

SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Check it out.

authentic barn door

My mom and I would love to take this barn door and use it in the interior decor of the barn as a sliding door somewhere. This door (and its twin) was originally a swinging exterior door to the barn until about a month ago. I’d estimate that it’s about 60 years old.

However, there’s a bunch of pros and cons to consider when we think about reusing it. Like how it looks awesome but is actually very rickety and unstable? Like how if you look at it sideways it might just decide to give up the ghost and disintegrate completely? Like how there might actually be lead paint lurking beneath it’s layers? Like how it weighs about 600 pounds and is probably not the right size for much of anything these days?

But it looks cool, right? That’s got to count for something.

Last night Mom and I snuck this door away from the hustle and bustle of construction and I cleaned it up a little with about 50 new strategically-placed screws and some sandpaper. We then hid it in another barn on the farm (we have an abundance of them)…hopefully the menfolk don’t notice it and throw it out. They just don’t see the vision.

Are we crazy? or is it something that is actually worth saving? Anyone have any awesome advice? Mom and I are all ears. Oh, and don’t tell Dad. This barn door’s life depends on it.


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