House Tour: Farmhouse (in which I introduce you the perfect new “old” house)

I am still sort of basking in the glow of this spring’s Parade of Homes. Let me introduce you now to one of my very very favorites: this absolutely perfect farmhouse.

Farmhouse (1)


We entered through the front door into this two-story foyer…not something you see in a normal farmhouse, but awesome nonetheless.

Farmhouse Foyer

Let’s skip right to the good stuff–the master suite. Here’s the bathroom. *cue jaw dropping*

Farmhouse (7)

..and the bedroom…

Farmhouse (3)

…and the kitchen. Even though you can only see half of it in my picture here (I loose rationality while in these homes), just be assured that all of it is dreamy.

Farmhouse (10)

Oh, here’s the other bathroom. I loved the windows over the mirror–everything was so bright!


Upstairs there were a couple of kids’ rooms…with a little secret passage from room to room.

Farmhouse (8)

Back outside I caught this glimpse of the backyard. It wasn’t the worst view ever.

Farmhouse (11)

What was your favorite feature of this home? Mine: that porch. Definitely. I’d need some Cracker Barrel rocking chairs and I’d be allllll set.

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