31 Days of Lists (in which I set a lofty goal but remain intentionally vague and non-specific)

Guys. This is unprecedented (for me).

This October, I am participating in The Nester‘s 31 Days project.

Which means that I plan on posting EVERY SINGLE DAY next month. All 31 of them.

Which both fills my heart with fear yet at the same time makes me rather giddy. You know how it goes.

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So. Ahem. We had to choose a topic, which was problem numero uno. I, of course, could not decide and so I am cheating the system (a teeny bit) and going with “lists.” I figure then if I want to blog about dinosaurs, I can. Or Antarctica. Or Rhythmic Gymnastics. Or whatever suits my fancy, really…as long as I make it into a list.

Buckle your seatbelts. It’s going to be a fun ride. ALSO. I’ll be updating this post with each list as I post them. Hopefully that way I can, to some degree, organize the state of my mind and you can benefit (either that or psychoanalyze me). Keep checking in!


5 Things Not to Buy at the Thrift Store (in which I compile the perfect list of white elephant gifts)

10 Things I Wrote About in September (in which I scramble out of a blog-migration induced coma)

10 Paintings I Wish I Found In a Thrift Store (in which I take no notes and can provide no information on historical pieces) 

4 Fabulous Finds: Wall Art Edition (in which I spend merely 100 cents and maintain the budget)

8 Practically Free Crafts (in which I give you more reasons to stay at home in your pajamas and make stuff)

9 Ingredients for Perfect Apple Crisp (in which I make the case that old cookbooks are better)

7 Reasons Roofs are Great: Farm Apartment Edition (in which I gain skills to add to my resume)

7 Incredibly Cute Photos of Young Anne (in which we return to a much more photogenic time in my life)

12 Artsy Pictures of ArtPrize (in which I keep my introverted tendencies in check for the sake of art)

3-Step Super Easy Beach Painting (in which I give unsolicited advice as a complete amateur)

15 Search Engine Terms People Have Used to Find My Blog (in which I unsuccessfully try to tamp down narcissistic tendencies)

6 Easy Thrift Store Artwork Makeovers (in which I encourage the adoption of outdated wall decor)

39 Reasons to Sing in a Choir (in which I host my first guest post)

3 Ways to Paint Like an Expert Without Actual Talent (in which I endeavor to color inside the lines)

16 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage (in which I brace myself to learn even more things)

40 Animals Categorized by Trendiness (in which I take a stab at fashion/design forecasting)

4 Ways to Decorate with Doilies Without Draping Your Furniture (in which I attempt to use up leftover wedding paraphernalia)

5 Recent Thrift Store Finds (in which I make plans to assault my walls with a few dozen new hammered nails)

17 Pretty Nice Pictures of the Farm (in which I earnestly beseech my sister to start a photo blog)

9 Nerdy Board Games for Non-Nerdy People (in which I reveal a whole new geeky side of myself)

8 Reasons to be Absent During Window Installation (in which I make the case that clear glass in walls is overrated)

10 Plants in Our Home (in which I share an exposé of the most shocking variety)

6 Ways to Decorate the Same Wall (in which I rearrange something a half dozen times in 14 months)

2 Ways to Hang a Pennant Banner (in which I make decor that will withstand the apocalypse)

7 Recipes for the Non-Gourmet Chef (in which I share the lengths I’ll go to avoid the kitchen)

3 Fast and Easy Art Change-Ups (in which I just can’t leave well enough alone)

6 Weird Things I’ve Spotted and Instagrammed (in which I take much delight in the strangeness that is humanity)

7 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards (in which much hilarity ensues)


Not a list but crazy:

Our Road Trip Adventure (in which 4 perfectly normal people accidentally save a dog’s life)

Our Road Trip Adventure Part 2 (in which 4 perfectly normal people accidentally save a dog’s life)


One last thing…I NEED MORE SUGGESTIONS. So, if you have any great and pressing questions or lists you need compiled, please let me know and I will do my best. GO.


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