10 Paintings I Wish I Found In a Thrift Store (in which I take no notes and can provide no information on historical pieces)

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Kenny and I got the opportunity to tour the Grand Rapids Art Museum last week. Admission is free during ArtPrize, but you do have to deal with a multitude of people.

The GRAM hosts a bunch of ArtPrize pieces, which most people were focused on, but since Kenny and I are both crowd-averse, we quickly found ourself on the third floor in an exhibit that was not a part of ArtPrize…and later we said that it was our favorite part of our evening.

Without further ado, enjoy this virtual tour of some great oil paintings.

1. Colorful flowers! (I think this one dated to 1926 or something…funny, I picture everything from then in black and white).


2. Another still life (with a fantastic frame, a common theme).


3. One in a series of 3 (or 6?).


4. A painting of Grand Rapids around the turn of the century! That bridge still crosses the Grand River…or at least I think it does.


5. FAVORITE #1 (I can’t choose). Can’t you see this hanging in our apartment?


6. I liked the floral ones a lot more than Kenny did.


7. I think what I liked most about this one was the frame.


8. Favorite #2.


9. I had to take a picture of this one with Kenny in it…because the painting was HUGE.


9 1/2: Here’s some detail on that gorgeous frame.


10. Favorite #3. This one was painted in 1876.


Sometimes I shy away from art museums because the art is, quite frankly, a little weird. But this? THIS WAS PERFECT. This is my favorite type of artwork, hands down. Head to the Grand Rapids Art Museum to see these for yourself.

Now if only I had found these pieces at the thrift store instead of at an art museum… ;)

Which one was your favorite?

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