4 Fabulous Finds: Wall Art Edition (in which I spend merely 100 cents and maintain the budget)

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This month, I’m participating in The Nester’s “31 Days of Change” project. The challenge: to write every day for 31 days! Click here to read more and to see what other listy-things I’ve been up to.




In this edition of “things I’ve thrifted,” I believe I’ve set a personal record: that of spending only $1 on 4 total items from 2 different thrift stores. That’s a great deal even for me! I thrift a lot, but about 80% of the time I leave the store empty-handed, since everything has to align just so: the price has to be awesome and the item has to be awesome. And that happened 4 times this week.

Let’s get on with the goodies.

First, this frame. My max price for an 8×10 frame is $1 (unless it is diamond encrusted, in which I will spend $2), so at $.25 this one fit the bill. Plus, I had something in mind for it. More on that later.


Next, this tiny ornate little frame with fake artwork in it. On the back someone scrawled “1950” on it, so my guess is that this dates to the middle of the last century. The fork is there for scale. Isn’t the painting so cute and tiny? $.25.


Also a quarter apiece were these next two pieces of cardboard artwork. This one’s a seascape, which I love. A little on the pink side, but for a quarter I thought I could handle it.


And then there was this cool landscape. I like these 8×10 cardboard “art” pieces–they’re great for makeovers like this one and this one.


This particular piece of cardboard art went into the above 8×10 frame and was added to the gallery wall (the controversial seagulls got the boot for the moment. Don’t worry; they’ll reappear. They always do, those pesky things.)


Oh how I want to paint this wall a dark dark almost-black gray. Someday, my friends, someday. Like when we don’t live in an apartment and have to paint over everything we paint now… How cool will that look?


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