8 Practically Free Crafts (in which I give you more reasons to stay at home in your pajamas and make stuff)

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When I was little, we had this encyclopedia set for kids.

Make and Do Childcraft book

I’ll give you one guess as to which one was my favorite…


Make and Do. I basically ignored every other book in the collection and focused my attention on this one.

make and do book


It was filled with awesome crafts made out of paper towel tubes and string and glue and cardboard boxes and stuff like that.

As a child, I would frequently go on the prowl around the house to see what crafts I could do for free. Nothing was sacred, except my collection of stickers which, incidentally, I never actually got around to “sticking.”

Nothing has changed since then. Kenny knows to stay out of the way when I begin poking my nose into the depths of our apartment looking for something, anything, to create.

Hopefully this list can spark a few ideas for some grown-up crafts.

***Note. I did not list supplies like “scissors,” because everybody has those. AND IF YOU DON’T, please contact me. I would like to interview you, examine your inner psyche, write up a scholarly article, and present my research to the world. You are a specimen of utmost interest to me.

1. Mason Jar Pincushion

Supplies: Mason jar (several sizes could work), flat jar lid, jar ring, fabric, puffy stuff, pins (optional, I guess)

mason jar pincushion

2. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser (predictable? Absolutely. Basically free? You betcha.)

Supplies: Mason jar, flat jar lid, jar ring, soap dispenser pump, hammer, nail, hot glue, soap/lotion (also optional, I guess)

mason jar soap dispenser

3. Embroider Something (I’ve done both pictures and fabric–my wedding dress!)

Supplies: Colored thread/embroidery floss, needle, fabric. Pictures? Frame? Wedding dress? Pillowcases? So many things to embroider.

embroidered wedding dress date

4. Make a Banner! I made this one for Thanksgiving last year.

Supplies: String, paper, imagination

thanksgiving banner

5. Book Page Wreath

Supplies: Paper, cardboard, glue


6. Wine Bottle Centerpieces/Decor Accessories (I’ve done chalkboard and string-wrapped)

Supplies: Glass bottles of some sort. Also, string? spraypaint? chalk?

jute wrapped wine bottles

7. Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt

Supplies: Sewing machine, thread, queen-sized bedsheet. Beginner sewing skills necessary.

ruffled christmas tree skirt

8. Sweater-y Things (like a sweater pillow cover! or sweater boot socks! or deformed mittens!)

Supplies: Sweater, sewing machine, thread, pillow form or batting
sweater pillow cover

Note to self: Make more things out of paper towel tubes. My craft library has a gaping hole in it…

What cheap/free/crafty things have you been up to lately?


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