7 Reasons Roofs are Great: Farm Apartment Edition (in which I gain skills to add to my resume)

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Well, if you’ve been following along on the blog, you’ll know that Kenny and I are helping my parents’ add an entire second story to a barn on their farm. If you haven’t been following along–well, there, now you know! Welcome.

We’ve been working at this all summer, and it was finally time to put on the plywood part of the roof! Roofs are pretty important and wonderful for a number of reasons.

1. Roofs help keep things dry. This is often important to homeowners for some reason. Something about “earthly possessions,” I think.


2. Roofs help keep the sun out. Some people cheat the system and put in skylights, but not on this roof. We embraced the darkness here.


3. Roofs help keep out intruders like bats and birds and bugs. We’ll go and cut in vents later for them to get in through. :)


4. Building a roof builds character and helps keep marriages intact. Ken looks mighty fine using a nail gun, right? (Don’t answer that).


5. Roof building allows me to have a bunch of different supervisory roles. 4×8 pieces of plywood are heavy, so I help out by being a good cheerleader and model for pictures. I’m gaining a lot of leadership skills on this project…time to update the ole’ resume!


6. Building a roof gives one a grand sense of satisfaction and relief…mainly because all of us successfully lived through the experience and not one of us fell to our deaths.


7. Building a roof means that we got to witness this grand sight (and more like it) on several occasions.


Oh, and hey, if you want to catch up on our barn-building adventure, here’s a convenient list of all the posts I’ve done on the topic so far.

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Farm Apartment: First Things First (in which we remove the roof in order to raise the roof)

Farm Apartment: Laying the Deck (in which I wield a nail gun like a boss)

Farm Apartment: Framing Exterior Walls (in which Kenny and I invent our own form of marriage counseling)

Farm Apartment: Before the Roof (in which we complete the labor intensive and visually non-stunning parts of building)

Farm Apartment: Trusses (in which I overwhelm you with pictures of wood and machinery)

Barn Door Potential (in which Mom and I try to redeem something that may not be redeemable)

And, you know, the project is far from finished, so there will be more posts on the topic. Keep checking back for thrilling updates on things like steel exterior installation! Plumbing! HVAC systems! Drywall! I can’t wait.


  • Looks like fun! My father-in-law is a general contractor, and he builds amazing houses, furniture, etc. My husband and I have been working with him on a new dresser, and it’s so rewarding to be part of the actual building process!

    • You’re building a DRESSER? That is sahweeeet! The though of building all those corners and drawers scares me more than I care to admit.

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