12 Artsy Pictures of ArtPrize (in which I keep my introverted tendencies in check for the sake of art)

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Grand Rapids does a pretty cool thing every year called ArtPrize. Basically, a bunch of artists install art in a bunch of venues, people vote for their favorites, and the winner gets the biggest chunk of cash awarded in any art competition in the world. Kenny and I have gone every year since it started 5 years ago, and other than the people (bah), we love it. Here‘s a link to a post I wrote about last year’s ArtPrize competition.

Kenny got me a fancy camera for my birthday, so now I basically think I should quit everything and become a full-time photographer…nevermind that if any of the settings get moved out of automatic, all my pictures turn out terrible.

So, here’s a bunch of artsy pictures of art. Enjoy!

1. Someone stuck magnets all over an existing piece of artwork by Calder for their entry. Turns out, people have very strong feelings about this.


2. Someone stuck flags in the Grand River for their entry.


3. The city of Grand Rapids just repainted the Blue Bridge and I’m pretty sure those flowy things are an ArtPrize entry.


4. I actually love this piece of yarn bombing more than most ArtPrize pieces.


5. Gigantic orchids made out of glass and steel? Why not?


6. Here’s another piece of the same entry. These flower things were waist high.


7. An entire wall of cut paper.


8. Giant light-up pieces of plastic=awesome.


9. This weird piece of art is actually made of yarn. I liked it, despite the fact that it looks like it’s going to eat you.


10. Why is it that when I paint it never turns out this cool?


11. My camera even takes good pictures when it is dark out! There’s a colorful art piece along those windows in the UICA.


12. Did I mention there were a bunch of people downtown? I wanted to jump into the fountain to get away from everybody, but I resisted.


There were a ton more cool pictures I could have taken, but I resolved not to be *that* photographer who makes people feel weird about getting/being in the way. So those art entries I just enjoyed with my eyes.

If you’re anywhere near Grand Rapids next September/October, come and check out ArtPrize! It’s pretty cool. You will have to check your introverted grumpiness toward crowds at the door, but if I can do it, anyone can. ;)

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