6 Easy Thrift Store Artwork Makeovers (in which I encourage the adoption of outdated wall decor)

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Two of my favorite things are home decor and cheap things. Though the two things don’t always combine easily (coughpotterybarncoughcough), there are ways to get creative and get one-of-a-kind artwork when you head to the thrift store.

Here’s a list of thrift store wall decor makeovers I’ve done.

1. Cross-Stitched Flower Painting

Don’t like the artwork? Paint over it! And the frame too while you’re at it.

cross-stitched painting

2. Color-Blocked Clock

Find a shape you like and adjust the finish to suit your tastes. Just don’t actually taste it. Paint is gross and not very nutritious.

color blocked mint gold clock

3. Abstract Oil Painting

Love the frame, hate the artwork? Paint your own and display your masterpiece proudly.

0 thrift store art makeover oil painting

Of course, you don’t always have to do a complete makeover of the entire painting…sometimes, just tweaking the frame makes a big difference! Which brings us to item number quatro.

4. Updated Thrift Store Frames: see a painted velvet one here, a secretly enlarged one here, and a bunch of spraypainted ones in my mint and coral gallery wall here.

painted velvet

5. Chalkboard Frame

Find a large frame and make it the artwork! If that isn’t “meta,” I don’t know what is.

chalkboard frame

6. Real-Life Photoshop

Find a painting you kinda/sorta/mostly like? Verify that it isn’t a missing Rembrandt, and then paint over it until you love it!

before after oil painting touch upAs you can tell, I have little to no wall space left in our teeny apartment. What to do, what to do!?! The obvious solution would be to skip the thrift, but it’s an addiction, I tell you. What unique/easy artwork have you seen lately?

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