40 Animals Categorized by Trendiness (in which I take a stab at fashion/design forecasting)

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It can be hard navigating the animal kingdom/world in general. I understand. What things are in style? What things are definitely offensive? How can you keep from embarrassing yourself, like I do regularly?

This list may help you navigate the quickly shifting world of trendy animals. DISCLAIMER (I feel obligated to add this): I was homeschooled, so my perception on the world is a little more skewed than the average person. I may have this completely wrong.

Enjoy, nonetheless.


Wolf source.


Previously Trendy/Current Hipster Trendy:

1. Dolphins

2. Leopards

3. Seagulls

4. Pandas

5. Wolves (see: oversized t-shirts)

6. Moths/Butterflies (we removed 30-year-old moth wallpaper from my parents’ bedroom)

7. Owls

8. Sailfish (I kind of want a stuffed one anyway)

9. Swans

10. Raccoons

Lisa Frank Design



Trendy for Youngsters (and young at heart):

11. Bears, Teddy (adorable)

12. Penguins (adorable)

13. Elephants (adorable)

14. Giraffes (adorable)

15. Ducks (adorable)

16. Bunnies (adorable)


Ostrich source.


Currently Trending

17. Birds (Put A Bird On It, duh)

18. Animals with Antlers (including but not limited to deer, moose, antelope, and elk)

19. Foxes

20. Owls (again)

21. Whales (they’re so big and…blubbery)

22. Beetles (truth. Saw a throw pillow at Target the other day.)

23. Kangaroos

24. Skunks (black and white is classic)

25. Jellyfish

26. Tigers

27. Peacocks

28. Octopi (I understand. The tentacle thing is intriguing.)

29. Sloths

30. Llamas

31. Lobsters/Crabs (very preppy, but I dig them)

32. Squirrels


34. Bees (why wouldn’t we popularize stinging things? Honey and pollination not withstanding.)


Llama source.


Not Yet Trendy but Soon (mark my words):

35. Lemurs

36. Platypuses

37. Opossums (also see: muskrats)

38. Bison

39. Prairie Dogs

40. Mules (this animal is the cross between a donkey and a horse. It doesn’t get cooler than that.)


Muskrat source.


Okay, here we go. Agree? Disagree? Got something to add? We can make this an exhaustive list, if you want. It certainly wouldn’t hurt my search engine ranking on this topic….I’m looking to become an expert.

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  • When I was scrolling down and saw “dolphins…leopards…pandas”, I was thinking, “Lisa Frank would agree”. And then, like you read my mind, BOOM! Lisa Frank. The stickers, oh I loved the stickers. So so so much. Great list.

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