4 Ways to Decorate with Doilies Without Draping Your Furniture (in which I attempt to use up leftover wedding paraphernalia)

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During the months before our wedding, I scoured thrift stores and garage sales and harassed senior citizens to amass quite the collection of doilies which were to be a critical design element at our reception.

Due to some miscommunication between our wedding planner and I, only about 1/3 of the hundreds of doilies I had amassed were used. Sad day. But our wedding was still pretty awesome, so everything turned out happily ever after anyway. Phwew!

Here’s our s’more bar and you can just see doilies peeping out underneath.

S'more Bar!

But after the wedding, I was left with a perplexing question: what do I do with the doilies?

I could have draped them over every surface in our apartment, but I can just see Ken’s reaction to that and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

So I had to come up with other creative uses for my doilies.

The catch? I didn’t want to actually harm any of them, so that meant that spraypainting, machine sewing, mod-podging and the like were out of the equation from the get-go.

But I did come up with 4 things to do with them that can are completely reversible. You know, in case I want to use the doilies for their original purpose, like draping them over our couch or nestling our lamps atop them. Let’s begin.

1. Draped doily banner


String+doilies+thumbtacks=fun fun.

2. Doily-filled embroidery hoop wall art

It is what it sounds like, people.


3. Doily wreath with doily flowers


4. Doily runner

Last but probably not (I have WAY MORE doilies stashed away…)–this Pinterest-popular doily runner:


I haven’t sewn or tied them together, but it works out well anyway.


Even if you don’t have a stash of doilies, they’re pretty cheap at thrift stores…most of the time. I never spent more than $1/doily and if it was $1 it had to be awesome. However, when decorating with doilies, I’m just going to say: there are strength in numbers. One or two is not going to do it…so get your thrift on and go to town!


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