5 Recent Thrift Store Finds (in which I make plans to assault my walls with a few dozen new hammered nails)

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This month, I’m participating in The Nester’s “31 Days of Change” project. The challenge: to write every day for 31 days! Click here to read more and to see what other listy-things I’ve been up to.




The thrift stores have been good to me lately. THANK YOU PEOPLE FOR DONATING COOL STUFF.

1. This little BUT REALLY HEAVY chunky frame was $2.12. Inexplicably, it also came with 5 (yes, five) pieces of glass that fit in it.


2. This lovely gal was only $.99, so I had to snatch her up. She’s a nice size, perhaps 16″ x 20″? I haven’t measured.


3. This gorgeous (fake, wah) painting was $2.99. I LOVE the colors in it.


4. Even though I love this piece, I think it’s going to live at Mom’s house. We’re reworking a room that has forest green/tealish carpet, and guys, that is a TRICKY color to work with. But this might actually look great and be a good jumping off point for colors in the room.


5. And then we have my favorite. This one was a splurgey-splurge at $7.99, but it’s original and SO BEAUTIFUL. It’s super mysterious and foggy and the colors are absolutely perfect.


Happy days at the thrift store indeed! What have you found lately?


  • Have been following along in your 31 day challenge. I’m a thirter as well. Recently found a vintage leather bellows, heavy glass flask with leather pouch and a pretty large & heavy brass kangaroo weather vein.

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