17 Pretty Nice Pictures of the Farm (in which I earnestly beseech my sister to start a photo blog)

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My younger sister Sara is a rather good self-taught photographer. She is also a farmer/shepherdess (her words), so most of her pictures are of a) animals or b) nature. She has a way of making the dirt and hard work of farms seem romantic and lovely and glamorous…so much so that she’s almost convinced me to abandon the cubicle and move back to the Farm. If it wasn’t for Ken and his city-dwelling ways…

This is Sara (photo taken by Meg Van Kampen, another awesome photog):


She’s agreed to let me share some of my favorite photos that she’s taken over the past few years. Get ready to order a subscription to “Country Living,” because that’s what you’ll want to do as soon as you’re done checking these out…

1. Sheep in the winter. Sara even makes bitter winter look nice. She makes sheep look artistic.winter

2. Dirty window. That’s my family’s dog Brinkley with my brother.


3. Wheat. It doesn’t get more farm-romantic than this. Good heavens.


4. Sheep on a hazy summer day.


5. Green pastures of early summer.


6. Brown pastures and early sunsets of late summer.

sheep flock

7. Frolicking lamb. If this doesn’t make your day, well, you may be a grump.


8. Another lamb…okay, if this doesn’t make your day, you may be a robot without feelings.


9. Duke and Skittles. We have two horses and they’re pretty photogenic.


10. Skittles. Sara even makes this end of a horse look good.


11. Skittles again.


12. Duke’s whiskers.

horse whiskers

13. Skittles.

horse 2

14. Duke.


15. Duke again. You can tell: Sara likes horses. I like this picture and it made it up on our wall.


16. Dandelion. Even though it’s a weed, Sara makes it look super lovely.


17. Curious cat. We have a bunch of lovable cats that roam the farm. Sam (below) is definitely the most obnoxious of the bunch.

curiosity cat

See what I mean? I love Sara’s photos. I have been telling her for years that she needs to start a photo blog, but she keeps using the excuse of “being too busy in college.” COME ON.

Oh, and if you want to see more of her photos, you can follow her on Instagram. You should, because it will knock your socks off.


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