6 Ways to Decorate the Same Wall (in which I rearrange something a half dozen times in 14 months)

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It’s no joke how many times I’ve redecorated one particular wall in our apartment. In this list, I’d like to explore the full evolution of my design decisions up ’til now.

The wall in question is the one above/behind our TV. It is a nice wall and is in the center of our home (it backs up to our kitchen).

1. It all started out rather innocently with a banner I hung up for Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving banner

2. Then, when Thanksgiving was done and the time to be thankful was over (KIDDING), I took that banner down and hung some sea-themed artwork. Miss that narwhal.

book pages

3. Then I got lured into the murky, addictive world of gallery walls. It began innocently, with just these three frames and a pair o’ gulls.

gallery wall oil paintings and frame

4. It went on from there when I filled in that frame by slicing and dicing that empty frame with my Dremel.

gallery wall version

5. Then things got a little crazy. I added several new vintage oil paintings and ended up with this. And it stayed this way for a long time.

We loved it.

gallery wall oil paintings

6. But you know I couldn’t just leave it that way. That would be much too normal and rational.

So last week, I changed it again.


I added the mountain and the beach paintings I made and added a bunch of new thrifted art that I’d acquired.

And I took pictures in the daylight, which is always nice.


I think that eventually I’d like to make it so that the frames are a little closer together (like in version 5 of this gallery wall), but I also wanted to spread out the artwork. I guess I just need to keep thrifting and getting more art, huh.

Oh, and you’d think that putting the frames almost to the ceiling would make the room feel smaller, but it actually has the opposite effect, since your “eyes get drawn up” or something design-y like that. (I felt SO FANCY saying that just then. Gonna have to do that more).

It’s funny that I’ve decorated the snot out of this wall but have completely ignored other walls. Are there any spots in your home that get spoiled like this one does? I think this wall is developing some sort of superiority complex.

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