Our Road Trip Adventure (in which 4 perfectly normal people accidentally save a dog’s life)

Once upon a time, four friends were on a road trip and this happened.


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I am here to elaborate on the above story. Sit tight; it’s a good one.

Kenny and I took a long weekend vacation to New Jersey beginning last Friday. We went to visit our friends Jeff and Amanda and we traveled with our friends Dan and Grace. Our 12-ish hour ride there from Michigan on Friday went very smoothly. We laughed, we listened to podcasts, we ate terrible rest stop fast food. It was a good drive.

And the actual vacation? Was wonderful. We visited downtown Princeton, took a hike, went to church, and ate lots of great food. And we played perhaps the most epic games of 7 Wonders ever. It was very fun.

And then we began the long, 12-hour ride back to Grand Rapids on Monday. Kenny drove the first leg, and then I took over midway through Pennsylvania. The fall colors were spectacular and our travels were going super smoothly. We made it through Pennsylvania and coasted into Ohio.

We were driving along on I-80 when I spotted a slowdown up ahead. We all thought there had been an accident until we saw the erratic ways people were pulling off the highway–cars ahead of us were going onto the shoulder in the left lane. And then we saw multiple people getting out of multiple cars–and still there was no sign of an actual accident.

And then we saw this furry dog trotting happily around on the highway.

Several people were trying to grab him, and we realized that people were pulling off the road to try to block the dog with their cars. The dog headed straight for us, so I pulled off to try to block him as well.

Everyone in the car was screeching advice at this point. It was chaotic and terribly exciting.

Kenny hopped out of the passenger side with a Wheat Thin (we’re fast thinkers, uh huh) to try to lure the dog to come to us, but the dog dashed around the car. I opened my driver’s side door and called to the dog, who came right up to me AND PROCEEDED TO LEAP INTO THE CAR ONTO MY LAP.

It contemplated hopping into the back seat (MORE SCREECHING) but then decided to hop down onto the floor on the passenger side.

The people who had been chasing the dog reached our car and we planned on happily reuniting the dog with its owner, presuming the dog had jumped out of a vehicle or something.


The dog’s owner was nowhere to be found.

The people chasing the dog were merely good Samaritans trying to help…so we all looked at each other and everyone began talking at once.

Keep in mind that this was while we were pulled over on the INSIDE shoulder of I-80 in OHIO, 6 hours from home and 6 hours from whence we had come.

And…this has gotten pretty long. Tune in tomorrow for part 2!

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