2 Ways to Hang a Pennant Banner (in which I make decor that will withstand the apocalypse)

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Awhile ago, I un-upholstered a parsons chair and began the long process (really REALLY long; I haven’t finished yet) of reupholstering it.

Since Kenny and I live in a very spacious apartment, I obviously chose to indulge my hoarder tendencies and keep some of the fake leather for a future unknown craft.

That crafty moment has come, friends, and my hoarding has, once again, paid off.

Here’s the leftover “leather:”


From there I snipped it into pieces. This requires basic knowledge of geometry, which I barely have. But I managed, like I did last year.


Then I snipped a teeny hole in the corners of each triangle and fed some string through each hole.


Amateur tip: don’t bother measuring the string before stringing the triangles…instead, cut it once you have everything strung together. A bit of common sense for you, if you will.


I then hung the faux leather pennant banner on our map. This is the first item in my list of two. (ASIDE: we made the map frame. That dramatic story is detailed here.)


I actually would have ended it here except that Kenny walked in, gawked at my banner, and (mildly) voiced his displeasure. So I did what any good wife would do and reversed the banner so that the lighter gray sides showed (item 2 of 2 on our list today…I know; it’s a stretch. Work with me). It’s a very subtle difference; you wouldn’t understand.


Here’s how it looks up close. The back of the faux leather is actually nicely textured and matches our couch slipcover quite nicely. Perhaps Ken does know what he’s talking about…


Also, this fake leather banner WILL NEVER DIE. This stuff is the toughest material ever, which is somewhat unfortunate since pennant banners will go out of style long before I’m rid of this thing. But for now, I’m reveling in it’s strength.

This’ll be a nice fall banner. I have no idea where our box of fall/halloween decor is, so I’m going the less-traveled route in blogland of not decorating for the season.

What hoarder tendencies of yours have paid off recently? Anyone else make an indestructible banner lately?

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