3 Fast and Easy Art Change-Ups (in which I just can’t leave well enough alone)

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This month, I’m participating in The Nester’s “31 Days of Change” project. The challenge: to write every day for 31 days! Click here to read more and to see what other listy-things I’ve been up to.




So, even though I just rearranged the gallery wall in our living room, I can’t leave well enough alone. Plus, I need just a few more lists before this month is up. ;)

So. Here’s the gallery wall as it was about a week ago. Pay attention to those mountains that I painted on the right:


I ended up switching it out for this piece I got at a thrift store ($2.99, yo!) and we lived with this for a few days:


But then I realized that this thrifted frame (it was ninety-nine cents!) was the same size and obviously way more interesting:


So I put the artwork in that frame instead. Ignore the glare…it looks way less fake in real life. Good decision on the frame, right?


Then I took the frame that had been around the mountain and used it on a $.25 seascape which I hung in our kitchen above my favorite other seascape. It actually brings in the color of the herringbone rug a little better than before.


The mountains I painted are currently homeless, but I like them a bunch so they’ll end up somewhere. And, though I lost count with all this switching, I am going to say that this was three changes, though that figure is debatable. Kenny just shakes his head at all of this drama…poor man.

What things are you switching up lately?

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