6 Weird Things I’ve Spotted and Instagrammed (in which I take much delight in the strangeness that is humanity

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I’ve been instagramming since May, and it’s quickly become my favorite social media outlet. I LOVE snooping into other people’s lives and seeing what they find interesting/beautiful/weird.

And I love sharing some of the weird things I come across too. Follow me on Instagram (@annie88b) to enjoy any future weirdness I come across!

1. Bob and Larry: Anthropomorphic veggies are weird enough, but humans dressing up as vegetables that have human features? WEIRD.


2. Crazy cat lady collection: I saw these (AND SO MANY MORE) at an estate sale I went to this summer. THE HOUSE WAS FILLED WITH CAT FIGURINES. I wanted them all, obviously.


3. This is our neighbor’s door. He still has this wreath up, and I’m beginning to suspect that he is secretly a genius decorator as it is almost the Christmas season again and he won’t have to redecorate.


4. Spotted at the thrift store: this TEENY car with this dresser packed into it. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW THIS IS SAFE? Or, at the very least, point out where the driver sits?


5. Ordinary-looking pizza, right? FALSE. This pizza I accidentally cut into an odd number of pieces. Unfortunately, it put quite the strain on our marriage since we couldn’t divide the pizza equally.


6. AND THEN THERE WAS THIS, spotted at the thrift store last weekend. The box says: “DO NOT OPEN! SNAKE!! INSIDE! The box was opened, which called to mind SO MANY QUESTIONS, like “WHY” and “WHERE IS THE SNAKE” and “WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BUY THIS” etc, etc. It was $3.99, if anyone is interested.


I’m currently in the market to follow more peeps on Instagram. Leave your username in the comments below and let’s all share weird things together. Oh, and I guess nice/beautiful/sweet things are okay too, though not quite as interesting. ;)

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