7 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards (in which much hilarity ensues)

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Pinterest, if you curate who you follow well, can be a delightful place. Here are a few incredibly weird but awesome boards that you probably should be following.

1. Things That Look Like Other Things (the title says it all.)

2. Crazy Kit Kat Flavors (lemon vinegar kit kat, anyone?)

kit kat flavors

3. Hair (note: you will not find normal hairstyles here. These are mostly vintage and completely incredible.)

vintage hair

4. Pinterest HQ (a peek behind the scenes at Pinterest. Very meta.)

5. Mazzy’s Pins (a three-year-old’s Pinterest adventures–with comments. So great!)

mazzy's pins

6. My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter (Pinterest gold. Click over to see the adventures of Quinoa)

Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

7. Awkward Family Photos (This blog has been around forever, but the pictures NEVER GET OLD.)


What other fantastic Pinterest boards/Pinners am I missing? Share in the comments!


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