8 Reflections on 31 Days of Lists (in which I compose my last list and give my poor typing fingers a much-needed break)

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This month, I’m participating in The Nester’s “31 Days of Change” project. The challenge: to write every day for 31 days! Click here to read more and to see what other listy-things I’ve been up to.




You guys, it’s the 31st of October! Normally I’m all like “meh, Halloween,” but this year I’m very excited that this day has finally come. I’m rather thrilled to get back to my regular-ish MWF blogging schedule–not to say that this while “posting every day” thing hasn’t been fun, of course. I’ve learned lots, and *SPOILER ALERT* created a list for you all of my thoughts.

1. Posting every day means that my blog content wasn’t exactly a masterpiece every day. NOT that it is when I post on a regular schedule (HAHAHA) but I usually am able to put more time and effort into each post. I missed that.

2. Putting things in lists is surprisingly harder than I initially expected. One reason I chose to make lists is because I thought I could adapt some of my general blog topics into lists quite easily, but that was not so much the case. Tutorials need step-by-step directions which is close to but NOT QUITE a list.

3. I actually really enjoyed working in some content that I don’t normally cover. Let’s see: this month I talked about Pinterest, marriage, trendy animals, Grand Rapids, search engine terms, farm photos, and much more. It was great. I may do more of this in the future–that is, not always posting about a craft project or another version of my gallery wall but rather something else that is interesting to me.

4. One of my favorite posts this month was the one on marriage. Not that we have it all together (HAHAHA) but because when I share ridiculous marriage stories, other people share theirs as well! And then we can bond over being “normal.” It’s great. My marriage list was also the most viewed this month, so I guess you guys liked it too.

5. I also allowed myself to deviate from the plan and, surprisingly, the world didn’t explode. Like that time when a dog jumped into our car when we were 6 hours from home. There was no way that I could turn that into a list, but there was also NO WAY that I could not tell that story.

6. Comments are the greatest, and I need to be better at it. This month I was very focused on my own blog, which meant that I didn’t comment much on other blogs (though I still read–at lightning speeds). I’m looking forward to cultivating some internet relationships in the next month since I won’t be blogging every day. <–most awkward sentence ever (*giving myself a high-five*).

7. While I was blogging so much, I obviously didn’t have as much time for other hobbies. Like doing crafts, which I love. Last night I painted, and It Was Glorious. I’m so excited for more free time. Sayonara, blog! jk. jk.

8. Guest posts? They’re rather wonderful. If you want to guest post on my blog (which is a great way to get my readers to head your way OR to just stretch yourself creatively), let me know!

Since my favorite number is 8 and I’ve run out of thoughts, I’m ending this here. And even though I won’t be blogging for the rest of the week (angels are singing in my head), I will be back Monday so don’t abandon me entirely. I’m VERY VERY VERY excited about a craft project I finished last night and I can’t wait to share!


  • I hosted my first guest post this month, too! What are you specifically looking for in a guest poster? I’m definitely interested in stretching myself-otherwise I would *NOT* have made it through “31 Days”!;)

    • A list? A tutorial? A favorite project? Favorite room in your house? I’m open–I only require that it remains somewhat appropriate… ;) Email me if you’ve got an idea!

      • Anne-
        I have come up with a post-it only took me a month and a half to do it! But, I can’t seem to find your email on the blog. I am guessing it is quite apparent, but if you would kindly point it out I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to send you a sample, so you can let me know if you think it would work.Thanks so much!

  • I’m with you, Anne- I did a horrible job commenting on other blogs throughout the month because I was so busy writing my own (31 days of shopping goodwill better)! But I just caught up on your lists and think you did a great job.
    Annnddd I’ve never guest posted before but I’m definitely interested! I can craft and stuff… :)

    • I’d love to have a guest post (and loved your Goodwill series)! Email me if you’ve got an idea and I’ll put you on the calendar. :)

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