Whimsical Barn Wood Painting (in which Kenny and I happily stay home and do nothing)

This is one of THEEE MOST FAVORITE things I have ever done. I am very proud of it, so be very nice.

You know how sometimes you make plans with someone (ahem, husband) and then once it becomes time to execute said plans, neither person wants to actually do it? That happened to Kenny and I one night last week. Sometimes we feel a lot of pressure to DO ALL THE THINGS! and to BE REALLY BUSY! and ENJOY THE WHOLE WORLD! but then sometimes we both really just want to sit at home. So we did, and it was marvelous.

Kenny read and I painted and we both enjoyed ourselves immensely.

My canvas was this piece of barn wood that I had rescued from the farm, and I used this piece as my inspiration.

It sat in our garage for a few months and we kept tripping over it, which was just deee-lightful (*glares inwardly at self*).


When I brought it in to the apartment, I accidentally brought in THREE LIVE BUGS along with it which was very concerning and adrenaline-inducing. However, afterwards, it did make me feel like a very brave person as I evicted the bugs and began to slather paint all over their former home. dsc_0226

I used paint that I had on hand, but had a terrible time creating the color “teal.” You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but that teal color is a TRICKY GUY. None of my paint mixing endeavors were vibrant enough, so the next day I bought some real teal from the craft store and went over all of my muddy attempts. I now own about 20 different shades of blue and green paint because I have issues. I also used sharpie and a black ink pen for some of the more detailed details.

When I was finished and after I let it dry, I affixed screws and some picture-hanging wire on the back of the board for optimal hanging purposes.


Here’s the finished product–TA-FREAKING-DA!

Whimsical Painting on Barn Wood

Betcha thought we didn’t have any wall space left for this guy, but NOOOO! You thought wrong. I found a place, here in our bathroom.


I have one more board similar to this one, and I am already plotting ways to paint it similarly. And I’ve been making additional plans to skulk around the farm some more to see what other gems I could slather with paint. *rubs hands together gleefully*…

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