Stamped Ombre Scallop Art (in which I try to make sponge painting cool again)

As I am wont to do, I recently got the urge to switch up some of the artwork around the house.

Not having an unlimited budget (nor an overabundance of space), I decided to redo the back of a piece I’d already done. (I did the same thing with this painted rug and this magazine artwork too).

The piece that was about to be made-over (well, half made-over) is this one that resides in our bathroom. It’s one of Kenny’s favorites. ;)

cross stitch painting

And since I absolutely LOVED the sponge painting/mint color combination I did on this piece, I decided to do something similar.

So I got out my sponge, a rounded edge to trace, and I hacked away to get a sort of scallop shape.


I then began to stampity-stamp all over with my mint-colored paint.


Then, to make it harder on myself, I decided I wanted to make this into some ombre artwork where the scallops would fade away into nothingness. I just kept adding white paint into the green every row or two.


Then I took the frame and spraypainted it gold and hung it back up in our bathroom.


It was then that I realized that our shower has a sort of scallop pattern going on. Happy coincidence? Or subliminal decorating? You decide. :)

If I get sick of this (or if Kenny’s jokes that I “ran out of paint at the top there” get on my nerves), I can switch it around for the cross-stitched flower that is hanging out on the other side. But we’re enjoying this simple bathroom update (along with this barn wood painting update I showed you on Monday).

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