Gold Rub ‘n Buffed Frame (in which my finger withstands another crafting malady)

A few weeks ago, I had a gift card to Michael’s burning a hole in my pocket, so I purchased something that’s been on my wishlist for quite some time: Rub ‘n Buff. Awesome name, right?


I didn’t exactly have any particular project in mind, but Carmel at Our Fifth House uses this stuff all the time to glam things up and I’m game to try anything once.

And actually, the packaging of the stuff itself seemed like the perfect way to dive in and get my feet wet.

I grabbed the nearest frame off a wall (trust me, I didn’t have to go far) and got started. In the picture below, I’ve rub ‘n buffed the bottom rim of the frame and haven’t yet tackled the left rim.


This type of craft is right up my alley because it’s just like fingerpainting. When I finished, however, I found that my finger looked a little worse for wear…either that, or I’ve got the Midas touch, eh? This is not the first time my fingers have contracted a strange crafting ailment.dsc_0236

The rub ‘n buff is a subtle yet glamorous change. I’m definitely going to be using it again…and again…and again. Why wouldn’t I want my fingers to be sparkly all the time? ;)

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