Magazine Organization (in which Architectural Digest and Golf Digest mingle freely)

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at the title of this post, thinking something along the lines of “why do I care how Annie organizing her magazines?” But really, guys, this is riveting stuff. Promise. Magazine organization can be life-changing.

So. I actually have a surprising number of magazine subscriptions that I get for free (I never pay for magazines…I’m too cheap for that). I usually watch and sign up when free deals are posted on magazines I like. Magazine companies will offer these deals on occasions through various companies to “pad” their number of subscribers. The more “subscribers” they have, the more they can charge for ads.

But the problem with having so many magazines is that they kind of take over your life (especially if you’re a hoarder like I am). Last week, I finally bit the bullet and attacked the cupboard they’d taken over.

It was a vicious battle (filled with paper cuts, the worst), but I emerged victorious. I used those cardboard IKEA magazine holders (that I got new in the package from a thrift store, since even IKEA is too expensive for me) ;).


Now our (formerly disastrous) cupboard looks like this and our records, CDs (so old fashioned I know), and magazines now play nicely. Phwew.


But because I had so many magazines, not all would fit in the cupboard. Instead, I sprinkled stacks strategically around our apartment, like here.


In conclusion, my favorite magazines are as follows (you can tell I am still sort of in the list mentality):

1. Traditional Home

2. Architectural Digest (I’m definitely NOT the demographic they’re trying to reach but I love it anyway)

3. Dwell Magazine

4. Better Homes and Gardens

5. Martha Stewart Living

6. Elle Decor


Kenny’s favorite magazines are these:

1. Golf Digest

2. Martha Stewart Living*

*I’m on to him.


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