Thrifted Finds (in which Christmas begins to infiltrate our apartment)

The past few weeks of thrifting have been an exercise in self-restraint which has been quite the process.

There have been SO MANY AWESOME THINGS that I’ve found in thrift stores lately that, unfortunately, I could not bring home with me, mainly because they will not fit in our 670 square foot apartment and Ken frowns upon stockpiling things for a future house.

He has good reason to, because I’m sure if I began hoarding for a house that there would be no end to it and no space for us left to live in.

Nonetheless, I have found a few things that made their way home with me.

First, this mirror. I perhaps should have left it, but it was only $.99. And that wood is so delicious looking.


…I should perhaps have cleaned the smudges off the glass, but that is neither here nor there.

My second, third, and fourth purchases were these glass Christmas trees. I hope to amass an entire forest before December 25th. Ironically, the smallest tree was the most expensive, ringing up at $1.25. The other trees were $1.


And then finally, there was this. For $2, I snatched it off the shelf, hugged it to my breast, and carted it off proudly to the thrift store checkout.

Jewelry Tree

It now holds my earrings and hangs out in our bathroom with the little barn wood piece that I painted.

Jewelry Tree Earring Holder

It also weighs about two pound and is my current weapon of choice to use when faced with apartment intruders.

You’ve been warned.


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