Mint and Gold Antique Frame (in which I make the smallest update ever and of course blog about it)

So. You remember that time that I painted an oil painting? It was a mountaintop experience.

You may also remember the resulting conundrum that I had regarding the frame. I half solved it in this post (with your help) when I painted the off-white velvet on the frame navy blue, but I sort of just gave up and called it “good enough” after that.

The problem was that the oil painting has a lot of bright white in it, but the frame was yellowed and dingy.

So last week, I whipped out my mint paint and slapped it on the frame where the old “white” was.


I freehanded it, obvs. When you have your nose up close you can sort of tell, but from far away it looks fantastic. ;)

The result was a much snazzier piece of artwork.


However, the sort of unfortunate thing is that the walls in our apartment are sort of a dingy cream. And I am NOT repainting all of our apartment walls (we’re allowed, but we’d have to paint them BACK TO THE DIRTY WHITE before we moved out).


So, I have two options here.

1. I can leave it as is and wait patiently for the day when we have colored or crisp white walls and hope this looks better then.

2. I can deepen the mint color and hope it stands out more from the dingy wall color.

Since the old strategy of calling it “good enough” worked for a while on this painting, I’ll give you one guess as to what I’m going to go with for now. :) But I’m open to other ideas–share yours in the comments!


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