Sweater Wreath Ornaments (in which I give you a perfectly valid reason to become a hoarder)

My grandma and I love to sew together. Her basement is filled with sewing machines and tons of treasures (for real: the other day she pulled out a box of vintage glittery ric-rac. TREASURE).

But the thing that we normally make together is wool mittens made from old felted sweaters from the thrift store. Grandma and I have probably made around 1,000 pairs over the years that get sold at a local Christmas craft show called Kerstmarkt.

We also make other fun things like hats and scarves (new this year!). Last year I made these stockings (I NEED to take better pictures of them. My bad.)

However, despite all the different things we make from wool sweaters, we never *quite* use every last little piece.

This craft DOES.

Which is why you should NEVER throw ANYTHING away.

Sometimes Grandma forgets this and tries to “clean out her basement” (NOOOOOOO!!!) and I have to tackle her to save the scraps. ;)

When we get a nice little pile of scraps going, I make little wreath ornaments. You can find these all over Pinterest but they’re ridiculously cute and easy to make.

First I cut up the scraps into 1″ square pieces. I don’t worry about cutting around the seams–I just chop right over them.

wool scraps for wreath ornaments

Then I get a VERY LARGE NEEDLE and thread some sturdy string through the eye. Thread sort of works but something thicker would be better so your wreath doesn’t get very floppy. Also–I tried using some wool string (it was old?) and it broke quite easily. Choose something strong.

Once you’ve got your string, simply thread the squares of wool sweater on in any order you choose. I keep going until I have 7 or 8 inches on my string.

wreath ornaments

Next comes the fun part. Take the two ends of the string and tie them together VERY VERY TIGHTLY. I do a double knot–I tie the first knot and then pull very tightly, pinch it all between my feet, and quickly tie the second knot. You may look ridiculous, but it does the trick.


Tie the string ends together to create a loop so you can hang this creation on the Christmas tree. Then, embellish! Sometimes I hot-glue buttons or bells onto the wreath and sometimes I add ribbon to the top. And sometimes I leave it plain.


Waste not, want not, right? ;)

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