Huge Announcement! (in which I develop a solution for my thrifting addiction)


This is BIG. I have NEWS.

But first, the context.

You know how I love to thrift and hunt down treasures?

And you know how we live in a 670 square foot apartment?

Well, I have now found a way around the obvious contradiction in the two statements above!!!

The answer lies in my new Etsy shop.



And what’s more, I’m running a week-long Black Friday  sale of 30% off EVERYTHING!

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a grumpy ceramic partridge, a pair of sassy brass deer, or salt and pepper shaker fawns, check it out.

I’ll be posting more treasures as I find them, so bookmark the Etsy store and keep checking back. I promise I won’t let this blog become one big ad for the shop…though I am sure I won’t be able to keep quiet about some of the finds I post. ;)

Click HERE to visit the shop!


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