Humongous Seascape Find and Living Room Update (in which I perfect my thrift store pouncing method)

You know that moment in the thrift store when you spot THE ONE?

That moment when your heart begins to palpitate and your palms get all sweaty and you immediately start calculating how much room is left in your car?

Let me tell you how it went for me the other day.

I popped in the thrift store, as I am wont to do, and began my usual counterclockwise hunt through the store.

Pickings were slim that day, and I was nearing the end.

But then I looked up–and saw it. THE ONE.

It was huge and about 30 yards away.

I immediately began barreling through the aisles of pilled sweaters and used undergarments, gaining speed as I went.

At about 10 feet away, I began my launch and pounced, belly flopping on THE ONE. Other shoppers scattered like ants, off to other realms of the thrift store where the packaged Depends and garish, dusty curtains had come to rest.

And I got it. I got THE ONE. Just look at it.


The belly flop was COMPLETELY WORTH IT since I scored this 24″ by 48″ (!!!) painting for $10.

The pastel yellow and green frame could obviously not stay, so Ken and I made a late night run to Michaels to grab some liquid gold in the form of spray paint.


I’m fairly certain it turned out perfectly.


Moral of the story: when you spot THE ONE, do not hesitate to sacrifice your body. Your home will thank you.


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