Thrift Store Treasure Hunt Results (in which I pillage the thrift stores and emerge victorious)

Day 273: Coming up with unique titles for thrift-store-find posts is becoming increasingly difficult. Writer resorts to language of vikings, pirates, and neanderthals in desperation.

Blog post summary: Annie went to thrift store. Annie found cool things. Annie blogs about said things. Annie’s awesome readers enjoy reading about said things (insert threat).

Find 1. Tiny oil painting of boat in an orange ocean. $2.


Find 2. Brass deer. Reluctantly for sale in Etsy store.


Find 3. 7 miniature brass camels. Also for sale in Etsy store here and here. Please don’t buy them so I can keep them.


Find 4. $8 watercolor print, humongous. Ken says it looks like it belongs in the waiting room of a dentist. I disagree and can’t stop gazing at it.


Find 5. Mountain print. $2. I should perhaps have passed this one up, since I have no idea what to do with it.


Find 6. Humpbacked brass giraffe. In Etsy store. I kind of have a thing for brass.




This was from a teeny awesome antique shop in Borculo, Michigan. Though there isn’t even a stoplight, there is a 4-way stop, a Christian school, and the antique store, which I guess is all you need? The antique store is located in the old schoolhouse off Port Sheldon, an insanely cool building. I was just researching it, looking for a website, and though it has none, I did find out that it is thought to be haunted. Glad I didn’t know that when I was creeping around the musty basement ALONE.

They had a Black Friday sale and everything was half off. I snagged this gorgeous print for $7.50. It is my fave find TO DATE. Ken is less than impressed. I’m working on him.

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