DIY Wool Sweater Infinity Scarf Tutorial (in which I continue the series “reasons to be a hoarder”)

Put down that sweater with a hole in it/paper towel tube/used spaghetti sauce jar! You may need it for some future but yet unknown craft project. You never know.

For example, my grandma and I make mittens out of wool sweaters.

Which means that Grandma has boxes and boxes of sweaters. Some would say she has an “overabundance.”

But because of this surplus, I get to be creative, and make things like cashmere infinity scarves. Sounds fancy, no? Here’s how you can make your own.

First. Find sweater and subdue it. Actually, you’ll want anywhere from 3 to 10,000 sweaters that coordinate with each other. Maybe aim towards the low end of that spectrum for simplicity.

DIY Wool Sweater Infinity Scarf Tutorial (2)

Second. Cut out chunks that are 10 1/2 inches long and 2 or more inches wide. Sweaters are pretty forgiving, so don’t obsess about being exact.

DIY Wool Sweater Infinity Scarf Tutorial (3)

Next. Sew all the sweater chunks together (the 10 1/2″ sides). Once you have everything sewed into a long strip (that will wrap approx. 2x around your neck), sew up the side and create a big tube.

DIY Wool Sweater Infinity Scarf Tutorial (5)

After you inside it out, things should look like the picture below. Join the seams, and sew around the circle to connect them as far as you can.

DIY Wool Sweater Infinity Scarf Tutorial (6)

Unless you’re a magician, you’ll be left with a 2″ hole that you’ll have to stitch up by hand…

DIY Wool Sweater Infinity Scarf Tutorial (1)

…and that’s it! I made about a gajillion of these and then made Ken take awkward pictures of me. It was painful for  both of wool infinity scarves!My apologies for my freaky-looking tongue. Had I known it would photograph so poorly, I would have definitely kept it in it’s proper place.

This easy craft would also make an excellent Christmas gift! If you can bear to part with it, that is. I tend to get way too attached to my crafts.

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