4th Annual Christmas Craft Party (in which I get another dozen ideas added to my craft list)

Saturday night, my friends and I had our annual Christmas craft party. It was great–partially because now that we’re older and wiser, we’re better at potlucks and crafts in general. ;) The jist? We draw names and then craft a gift for that individual and then ooh and ahh over all of our creations over a fabulous meal. You can read about last year’s party here.

My camera died about 1/3 of the way through the gifts, but I wanted to highlight the few crafts that I did manage to get pictures of.

Like this one–an arm knitted infinity scarf made by my friend Lorie. Amazing. right? I need to try this some time!


And then there was this amazing pallet rack my friend Emily made. She cut off the top of a pallet to create two shelves…DSC_0424

…and on the bottom of the rack she added an extra board with hooks and slots for wineglasses. WOW, right?


Beth made this jute-wrapped star. Phoebe, the real “star” (PUN) of the show, would not stop licking it…DSC_0431

Phoebe was also very interested in this crocheted hat my friend Laura made.


It was at this point my camera died…but there were so many amazing gifts! I received a KNITTED AFGHAN from my friend Kristy and am pretty sure I hit the jackpot this year. ;)

I drew my friend Kayla (and remembered to take pictures before the party!). As with all of the girls in this group of friends, it is hard to think of something to make for her since she’s so crafty herself! I ended up doing another painting like the one I made a few weeks ago.


Both Kayla and her husband were lifeguards when I met them, so waves seemed appropriate. :) I LOVE the way the nail holes give the board more character.


To finish it off, I added a wire with some screws on the back.


I have a few more crafts that I created as gifts, but those will have to wait until after Christmas to be revealed…mwahaha!

What are your thoughts on making gifts for Christmas? I’m all for it, but I also think it depends on the recipient!

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