Chicago: What We Did (in which I inundate you of pictures of my vacation)

This past weekend, Kenny and I headed to Chicago for a quick vacation. It was rather delightful. We’ve both been there many times (a result of Chicago being quick 3-hour drive from Grand Rapids), but it’s fun to get down to the Windy City every year or so.

When I get my camera back, I’ll show you the AWESOME hotel we stayed at, but since I left the ol’ snapper back at the in-laws (that’d be the camera, guys, come on), those pictures will have to wait. For now, you get the phone pics and my delightful narration. Sit back; here we go.

We both took the day off on Friday and left snowy Grand Rapids around 9am. We got there around 12:30 after stopping for Panera and to purchase all the necessities we forgot at Walgreens (gah). The next adventure was having our car valet parked…but we survived that too, barely. We even had enough of our wits about us that we remembered to tip the guy.

We then set off into the city to get shopping. Both Ken and I were rather excited to go into the Ralph Lauren store…Ken for the preppy clothes and me for the decor of the store. Check out their gallery wall! I was digging the frames, and the majestic staircase didn’t hurt either.

Chicago (2)

For dinner that night, we went to the Grand Lux along with everyone else in the whole city of Chicago, but it was delicious nonetheless. We shopped a bit more that evening and fell into bed around 9:30.

The next morning we awoke to snow! which made us feel right at home.

Chicago (3)

We set off to Yolk for breakfast and were one of the first customers there. Going to bed ridiculously early paid off! AND. I got RED VELVET WAFFLES. Which obviously started my morning off well.

We then braved public transportation and rode the bus to the Field Museum.

Chicago (4)

The Field Museum had an exhibit on the 1893 World Fair, which was FASCINATING. We went through that exhibit first and read every last plaque and then buzzed through the rest of the museum.

Chicago (6)

Their dinosaur exhibit has always been a favorite. While we were in the dinosaur hall, I took this Instagram pic out the window of snowy Chicago.

Chicago (7)

We couldn’t resist a selfie.

Chicago (5)

Confession: we then skipped lunch and split a sundae at Ghirardelli. I don’t regret it.

That evening (Saturday), we had the best dinner of our lives. Maybe. Probably. If you go to Chicago, don’t miss Bub City. They specialize in BBQ and whiskey. We ordered an appetizer that was waffle fries covered in cheese, barbecued pork, tomatoes, sour cream, onions, and jalapenos and split a combo that included beef brisket, a hot sausage, and pork barbecue. If you’re not drooling yet, you should probably head to the nearest doctor to have them check if you are indeed alive…

If that wasn’t enough, we had a $25 credit from our hotel for the rooftop bar. So we headed up to the 29th floor and enjoyed this view.

Chicago (1)

On Sunday morning, we may or may not have gone back to Yolk. Kenny then steered me to Ghirardelli (not hard for him; I don’t resist chocolate well) and we grabbed a chocolate chip cookie to make the drive back more enjoyable.

We’re thinking about making this a winter tradition…and inviting friends along. How fun would that be?! What are your favorite Chicago haunts?


  • We love the Webber Grill. And everything else, frankly. But we haven’t been brave enough to try the buses on our own–I’m too afraid they’ll take me to Nowhere and leave me for dead.

    Farm girls don’t have much experience with public transportation, I’m afraid.

    • I’ve been to the Webber Grill! And you’d better believe that I googled the heck out of “how to ride chicago busses” and “how to pay for the bus” (Kenny could not roll his eyes enough)… nope, public transportation does not come easy to us farm girls.

  • I’ve never been to Chicago (it’s abit more that a 3 hour drive from Vancouver, Canada!) but my husband has always wanted to go and is working on convincing me to go. So thanks for the tips on what there is to do and were is best to eat. :)

    • That is QUITE the trip! I hear Vancouver is beautiful–it’s on our bucket list of places to go. I’ve never been farther west than Iowa, so it will be quite the vacation for me!

    • Thanks for the recommendation for Bub City! We LOVED it. When you head to Yolk, get something weird–it’s my opinion that they do weird stuff best. Their normal stuff is just so-so, if that makes sense.

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