Sweater Garlands (in which I find a purpose for scrap sweater armpits)

On Monday night, the Lions played.

Which means that I was, in effect, a football widow.

I was fine with that and got my craft on. Since Grandma and I make things from sweaters (mittens, infinity scarves, wreath ornaments, stockings, etc.), we end up with a lot of scraps. You know, the armpit of the sweater, for example. ;)

So on Monday, I got out my scraps and sewing machine and did the EASIEST CRAFT. If you can sew a straight line (and I don’t know why you can’t), you can make garlands. Sheesh, you can even use a sewing machine that was made in the 1950s! *ahem*

DIY Sweater Garland! (2)

The first garland I made was with small sweater squares, like the ones I use to make those wreath ornaments. Nothing fancy–I just sewed them on a diagonal. And no worries if your thread breaks or your bobbin thread runs out or any other sewing catastrophes occur…just backtrack and start over again.

DIY Sweater Garland! (4)

I used traditional colors like red, green, cream, and gray for this garland. I made a similar one for our Christmas tree too and removed the 10 year old tinsel that we originally had put on it. It was a rather nice improvement.

DIY Sweater Garland! (3)

And then I got a little crazy, and used pinks, purples, and oranges to make this garland.

DIY Sweater Garland! (5)

This time, instead of sewing the pieces on a diagonal, I sewed them squarely together, if that makes sense, and I used a combination of rectangles and squares.

DIY Sweater Garland! (1)

I now plan on making these for every occasion for the rest of my life. Birthday? I’ll make a garland. Promotion? Garland it is! Made it to work on time? That deserves a garland!


Seriously, get out your sewing machine and sweater scraps (everyone has those lying around, right?) and get sewing! And don’t ever let your Grandma “clean out her basement” as you can literally use every single spare inch of sweater to make these. Including armpits.:)

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