Flower-Painted Barn Wood (in which I rescue yet another random board from the farm)

When I see old barn boards at my parents’ farm, I get a bit twitchy since I know they’re probably destined for the trash. So I consider it my civic duty to adopt but a few of these. Would that I could take them all…but alas, Ken objects. Something about wanting to actually “live in the apartment.”

This board in particular was of interest to me because of that orangish-rusty mark down yonder. See it? It’s where a hinge was once affixed, meaning this board was once a lid or door or cupboard or something equally glamorous.

barn board

I sanded the board down a wee bit and washed it and then painted and painted and painted. I had a grand time.

Painted barn board--flowers!

I love Katie Daisy’s work with a stalker-like passion, so I loosely modeled my painting after hers.

painted barn board...flowers!

After I took the above picture, I noticed that all of my pencil marks still showed. No worries–I erased them in about two seconds flat.

Ken was dismayed to find out that this was a Christmas gift for my sister and that he could not keep it for himself, but I am pleased to report that my sister loved it!

Anyone else made any handmade gifts this year?


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