Chicago: Where We Stayed (in which I divulge one of my secrets to frugal vacationing)

A few weeks ago, Kenny and I went on a quick 2-day pre-Christmas vacation to Chicago and did all sorts of delightful, tourist-y things that you can read about here.

But now I want to share about the smokin’ hot deal we got that made it all possible.*

*Though this sentence sounds smarmy and sponsored, it is not. Promise. ;)

Kenny and I stayed at the MileNorth Hotel, which is next to Gino’s just off Michigan Avenue. Did I mention we had a suite? Here’s the bedroom part:


(Ken had already jumped on the bed, thus the wrinkled duvet.)

And here’s the living room part:


We stayed here for two nights and our hotel bill came to just $254. INCLUDING taxes, free valet parking (normally $58/night, ouch!), and a $25 credit to the hotel restaurants.


That’s a crazy good deal on a Michigan Ave. hotel, in my opinion! The free valet parking alone (with in-and-out privileges, no less) made it worth it.

Here’s how I did it: I used one of my fave travel websites, LuxuryLink. They’re sort of like an upscale version of Groupon with only four and five star hotel deals.

Kenny and I like to use their auction feature–we pick the deal we want and then make the lowest bid on the deal. And we’ve always gotten it at the low price! AND, when you sign up through someone’s referral link (like mine HERE, hint) you get a $50 credit (and I do too)!  AND AND AND, if you sign up for their newsletters, you can get an additional $50 off your purchase!

Which is a total of $100 off for all mathematically-challenged individuals such as myself. NOTE: there is a $40 processing fee when you purchase a deal, so factor that in.

Though the MileNorth deal is no longer active (though it could come back), there are some other hotel deals for the Chicago area and a few nearby in Canada. I like to check in a few times a year, though, because their deals are always changing!

Anyone else trusted a website like this? Kenny and I have used this one multiple times (like for our honeymoon!) and have been very pleased each time. :)


  • I’ve never heard of this hotel, but it seems like a great deal! I love saving on travel, when you’re paying a mortgage it can be hard to justify paying to sleep anywhere other than your own house ;)

    • Exactly! It’s even worse when you’re saving for a downpayment and every dollar that is spent *should* go toward that… but vacations are necessary, right? :)

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