$3 Seascape and Gallery Wall Addition (in which I lower my thrift store standards despite the possibility of contracting a serious disease)

Our gallery wall of oil paintings* is coming along quite nicely with a recent thrift store acquisition of a huge $3 seascape!

*Unfortunately, none of the three seascapes pictured here are original paintings and are in fact just printed cardboard. I love them nonetheless.

The top left seascape was acquired for $7.50 at a haunted-schoolhouse-turned-antique-store, the small pinkish (for now…) seascape was a $.25 find you can read about here, and the bottom seascape is the new member of our family. It’s about as big as our 40″ TV.


This thing was COVERED with layers of dust at Salvation Army and was perched above the rack of donated wedding dresses with puffy sleeves. The frame is in ROUGH shape, but it’s hard to tell, right? Please reassure me. I did slather on some gold rub-n-buff over the worst parts and that helped. The print itself also has a wee bit of water damage, which is ironic considering that it’s a painting of–what else–water.

My fave part? The PLAQUE. Love those things. Incidentally, it is Kenny’s LEAST favorite part of the artwork. Also, I definitely need to cash in on my sister’s Christmas coupon good for “2 hours of photography lessons” since I can’t even focus on the right thing. Ignore the bamboo plant and feast your eyes on the plaque.


Here’s the gallery wall as it stands this very second. Tomorrow? It may be completely different. Eventually, I’d love to have ONLY seascapes (and if I’m being picky, I’d like them all to have generally the same color scheme), but they are incredibly hard to find at thrift stores. Local friends: I’ll pay good money if you’ll keep your eyes open for me!


Incidentally, this seascape was found at the thrift store Mom and I said we’d NEVER go back to because of the filth…it’s the type of thrift store that I wouldn’t be surprised to find a dirty diaper in the corner. Gross? TOTALLY. But the past two times I’ve been there, I’ve had amazing finds. My thrift store standards may be lowering.

Anyone else lower their thrift store standards because of find after amazing find? Or do you think I should abandon that particular store entirely? Weigh in in the comment section.


  • This is AMAZING! It’s always so hard to live with empty walls and wait for the “right” art but it’s totally worth it for finds like this :)

  • There’s a thrift store here that always leaves me wondering if I’m going to come out with lice or flees. But seriously, all the clothes are regularly on sale for one dollar. One.

  • No thrift store is ever off limits to me and my obsession with a bargain. I do not however buy anything you would wear at the “yucky” ones. Everything else can be cleaned enough to my satisfaction and I always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer! Enjoying your blog!

  • So I’ve been catching up on your blog…and three things..a)totally obsessed with these paintings you have been doing on old pieces of wood! (you should sell them on your etsy store(so cool)) b) i love your glasses c) I never knew about luxury link and now I’m looking for a vacation instead of working :)

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