Painted Wood Chip (in which I, once again, repurpose a piece of litter…and then give it away as a gift)

Before Christmas, I was inspired to do a bit of painting on some scrap pieces of wood that was lying around our apartment. I painted a little wave-y painting, and I painted a long flowery painting. I gave away the first at a Christmas craft party, and the second I decided to give to my sister Ruth. But I have another sister, so that meant that I had to keep painting. Gah. ;)

I love Katie Daisy’s work, and so for this piece of barn wood painting I copied this one of hers. Her’s is obvs much better, but I had fun while making mine, so that’s gotta count for something.

The wood piece that I used was actually some string art that I made last year. I originally found this large-ish chip of wood on the lawn of the apartment complex where I was living…back in college. Obviously I picked it up and kept it for several years.

I may be a hoarder.


On the back, I screwed in one tiny screw, pounded in one tiny nail and twisted some wire all over it so it will easily hang on a wall. Since the wood chip is much thicker on one side than the other, I offset the hanging wire so it won’t hang on the wall crookedly.

And yes, I had to get out my graphing calculator to figure that out.


It’s no masterpiece, but my sister liked it. I only had to threaten her with bodily harm a tiny bit to get her to admit it.

flower paintingP1020712

Giving things away is also very very necessary at this point since our 670 square foot apartment is basically filled to the brim.

But. More on that very topic very soon! Let’s just say that there is a slight glimmer of hope that Ken and I may not spend the rest of our days in this teeny apartment.

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