House Hunters: Bauman Edition (in which I lose sleep, hair, and all my nerve and love every second)




That time, to which I am referring, is that KEN AND I ARE NOW “GROWN-UPS.”


Or, at least, we’re getting better at pretending.

And because we are now, you know, “ADULTS,” the time has come for us to find a house.

(My stomach just knotted up COMPLETELY typing that sentence. This does not bode well.)

house hunteres

Of course, this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in all my life minus several other very exciting things. But it is also the most money I have ever/will ever spend on something. The stakes are high, peeps.

We feel like the time is right. Ken has a job. Anne has a job. We’ve lived on pop-tarts and pasta long enough to have saved up a downpayment. Interest rates are still low (for the moment….cue the aching stomach). And we’re pretty entirely, completely, and utterly sick of listening through our apartment walls to the neighbors yell at their children (seriously, those poor kids).

HERE IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR (the MUST haves, non-negotiable):

  • functional kitchen
  • functional bathroom
  • garage (attached, preferably)
  • basement

HERE IS WHAT WE’D REALLY REALLY LIKE (in addition to the MUST haves):

  • a 2-story house
  • 3+ bedrooms
  • 2+ bathrooms
  • good school district (DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP YET MOM)
  • some trees on or around yard

HERE’S WHAT OUR DREAM HOME HAS (aka, the things we would be over the moon about getting but know we probably won’t get in our first home):

  • master suite
  • 9′ ceilings
  • a fireplace!
  • walkout basement
  • large kitchen with white cabinets
  • 2nd floor laundry
  • and while I’m dreaming, let’s just throw in an extra garage stall, a hot tub, and an extra $200k… ;)

Along with everyone else on the entire planet, we’d like a home that needs just cosmetic updating and not a complete overhaul. We also have not ruled out the possibility of building, though we have determined that we are not “new subdivision” type of people. Old subdivision, yes, but let’s not make it TOO bright and shiny and fresh. So if we built, we’d like to find our own lot.

We’ll be documenting this journey as much as is possible, so you’ll want to keep checking in! And to end, let’s just marvel over the copywriting skills of the realtor that wrote this house description (for a house that we considered for a hot second, no less):

“Spin the wheel of good fortune for a chance at this 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, where winnings are an every day occurrence. Expansive living room is graced with exposed high beams & wood burning fireplace that draws families to board games like marshmallows to a bed of chocolate & graham cracker. Newer carpet throughout melds with gleaming wood floors in bedrooms. Verdant lawn w/ potting shed & mature landscaping is graced w/ patio seating ideal for daily sun salutations & entertaining. Nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac road, this beautiful home is a trophy in which you can live.”

If that doesn’t make you want to buy that house, what does?


  • Yeah! Congratulations! SO fun.
    Also, I really enjoy the thorough detail of that house description as well as the pleasant images it creates, but it was ruined for me by using “w/” in place of “with” in the midst of all that glamor. :)

  • Stay away from “verdant” lawns! They are a stressful headache to keep up with. Go with sort of straggly and weedy.

    Also, here’s some more completely unsolicited advice. (Feel free to ignore me.)

    If you think you will have children soon, plan accordingly. If the kids’ rooms are close to yours, that will be a huge blessing in the middle of the night when they are little.

    A proper mud room, or at least a decent entry, is a glorious thing. When it’s just you and Ken with two coats and two pairs of shoes, it won’t matter. But when you have no place to put twelve pairs of shoes, six coats, three pairs of snow pants, and three pairs of boots–you’ll be wanting a mudroom or coat closet or something.

    Energy efficient houses are a dream, we’ve found. A DREAM.

    That is all.

  • Blessings to you on your house hunt! I sometimes miss those dreamy days of contemplating various opportunities. :) I am not sure where you may be looking for houses, but I can recommend a wonderful Realtor. No pressure at all, but her name is Alicia Kramer with Remax in Holland. Because of our change in desired location, we were blessed with two great Realtors during our process. Alicia was the one to come through with us on our house in the end. Naturally, I’ve recommended her to other friends and family. They seem to have enjoyed her as well. I’ll be praying you find a wonderful partner in a Realtor for your new adventures!

  • My house in East is not currently for sale, BUT we constantly go back and forth about wanting to be closer to Middle/High Schools now that our kids are there. We have: 1 1/2 story cape cod with lots of character; good size, functional kitchen WITH white cabinets; 3+ bedrooms; 1.5 baths; fireplace; finished basement; attached 1 stall garage; attached deck; great back yard with mature trees; East Grand Rapids schools (best in GR!); walking distance to playground, grocery store, ice cream shop; a great neighborhood (and shortly there will be a sealed front window!). Let me know if you ever want to see. East GR is a great community! If we found an interested buyer, we would consider it!

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